National Championships Qualifiers 2017

The swimming powerhouse that is Armthorpe Swimming Club are proud to highlight those swimmers that have successfully made it to the National Championships for 2017.

They are Simon Kliment,  Tilly Arrand, Hannah Newnham, Chantelle Waugh, Harvey Williamson, Lucy Clarke and Ajay Scott.

To get to this level is fantastic and is down to natural ability and commitment.  Overall there were seven finalists at this level with the pick of the bunch being Lucy Clarke who won the 800m Freestyle by a whopping 8 seconds - I remember Lucy starting out as a young swimmer at Rossington before moving to Armthorpe, she always had a great engine but now you can see that it is finely tuned.  Well done to everyone on your achievement.

Daily Results

 Day 1 - 25/07  400m Freestyle Simon Kliment 19th Heats4:18.03
 400m I.Medley Tilly Arrand15th Heats 5:15.16
 Day 2 - 26/07 200m Butterfly Simon Kliment 11th Heats 2:11.52
  100m Backstroke Simon Kliment 14th Heats 1:01.61
 Day 4 - 28/07 200m Backstroke Tilly Arrand16th Heats2:25.17
 Day 6 - 30/07 200m Backstroke Simon Kliment6th Heats2:10.82
  200m Backstroke Simon Kliment5th Final2:10.25
 Day 7 - 02/08 400m
 Hannah Newnham 8th Heats5:16.17
  400m I.Medley Chantelle Waugh 11th Heats 5:22.02
  400m I.Medley Hannah Newnham 9th Final 5:17.69
 Day 8 - 03/08 50m Freestyle Harvey Williamson 5th Heats 25.40
  50m Freestyle Harvey Williamson 9th Final 25.36
 Day 9 - 04/08 400m Freestyle Lucy Clarke 4th Heats 4:36.21
  400m Freestyle Tilly Arrand 11th Heats 4:40.47
  400m Freestyle Chantelle Waugh 16th Heats 4:45.57
  200m I.Medley Tilly Arrand 11th Heats 2:31.30
  200m I.Medley Chantelle Waugh 13th Heats 2:32.71
  400m Freestyle Lucy Clarke 6th Final 4:34.65
 Day 11 - 05/08 200m Butterfly Ajay Scott 17th Heats 2:27.80
  200m Butterfly Hannah Newnham 17th Heats 2:39.29
  200m Butterfly Chantelle Waugh 9th Heats 2:30.45
  200m Butterfly Tilly Arrand 11th Heats 2:34.12
  100m Backstroke Tilly Arrand 6th Heats 1:07.67
  200m Butterfly Chantelle Waugh 9th Final 2:30.13
  100m Backstroke Tilly Arrand 3rd Final 1:06.90
 Day 12 - 06/08 800m Freestyle Lucy Clarke 1st Final 9:17.86