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April's 2011 - Habits

posted 11 May 2011, 03:00 by David Holmes   [ updated 23 Jul 2011, 01:49 ]

A habit is something that you have learnt to do some time ago and now just happens naturally, like walking or fastening a button on a shirt or SWIMMING. You will all have been though teaching programs, learnt to swim how the teachers showed you and could quite happily swim a load of lengths while singing a song in your head because you don’t have to tell your muscles exactly what to do anymore.


The problem with this is that if you don’t think about improving your techniques all the time they will just stay the same and your improvements will not be as great as they could be.


The great thing about this is that once you have picked up a great habit, it will stick... forever! So if you have good habits you won't go wrong!

    Good Habits

  • Tight streamlines
  • Fast turns
  • High body position
  • Kicking!!
  • Counting strokes from the flags on backstroke
  • Keeping your fingers together
  • Doing drills slowly and correctly
  • Being on poolside, ready to swim 5 minutes before the session starts

Bad Habits

  • Slowing down at the end of each length
  • Looking for the wall on backstroke
  • Using a turn as a resting place
  • Looking at the person swimming next to you
  • Swimming everything at the same speed
  • Saying “I can’t do that!”