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National Masters Championships 2011

posted 28 Oct 2011, 13:33 by David Holmes   [ updated 30 Oct 2011, 11:31 ]
If you've seen Tina Wilson's kick board you'll know that for her the season has been geared towards swimming fast at the ASA National Masters Short Course Championships. Well, the time has come. 
Today (Friday Oct 28th) was the first session of those championships. Just the evening session, to ease the swimmers into their racing... although I think Tina forgot the idea of 'being eased in to racing' as she was in 3 events!

Tina threw on her spangly suit and got off to a great start by collecting 3 medals in the 30-34 years age group! She took silver in the 200 IM (2:30.69) and bronze in both the 100 back (1:10.49) and 50 fly (30.97). 

The morning of day 2 had Tina swimming the 100 freestyle. There was some really stiff competition, but that's exactly what Tina likes as she's a pure racer! As we all know, the goal on her mind is, and has been for a while, to go under the minute. With every swim this year her times have been dropping.. at the last outing Tina swam a 1:00.98, so could she shave off that last second and go 59.98?? her 50m split looked promising, 28.7, the third 25 looked strong, so it all came down to hanging on through that painful last length. Would she dip under? Not quite, 1:00.21 - so close!! Although that time was good enough for a second silver medal of the weekend so far, her 4th medal overall. 

It's great to know that times are still coming down and there are still a few fine details to be worked on, so the 59 is coming. Soon! 

After a nap (and KFC) Tina came back to Ponds Forge for the 100 IM. I'm not sure which one of the above did the trick, but she bagged her first gold medal with a time of 1:09.58. So 
The third and final day of the 2011 National Masters Championships was a splash and dash affair for Tina. Just the 50m freestyle to do, so she got a lay in as there were some longer events first thing in the morning. There was nothing to do other than get up on the block and 'give it a go'. Tina walked away with a great time (27.84) and a THIRD sivler medal for the weekend. 

That meant out of her 6 swims Tina walked away with 6 medals, absoulutle brilliant! Now time for some well earnt rest I'd say!

Summary of Tina's results:
100 IM - gold
50m free - silver
100 free - silver
200IM - silver
100 back - bronze
50 fly - bronze