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Masters at Nottingham

posted by Pete Hardy

Masters at Nottingham

On Saturday 22 July our Masters swimmers Richard, Charlie and Dave competed in the Nottingham Big Swim 5k and did very well. All completed the course and came home with a 2nd, 5th and 6th place in their respective age groups.
Well done to Dad's Army.

Pocklington League Round 4 - Champions Armthorpe

posted 22 Jul 2017, 03:05 by Pete Hardy

On Sunday 16 July the teams met at Edlington for the final round of the year with Armthorpe having won 2 and Adwuck 1 - all to play for. As usual the competition was fierce and very close throughout the afternoon. Our relay teams managed again to get zero flyers which means they have gone through the whole season without any DQ's. They also gained more points in the relay races than previous rounds. Unfortunately, we did have a couple of DQ's for faulty turns which lost us some points but the team rallied round to compensate for them. A very good competent team performance by everyone and it was very pleasing to come out as winners by 4 points at the end of  the afternoon. Well done and congratulations to all who swam both today and in the previous rounds. Times attached.
Result : Adwick - 153    Edlington - 66    Wakefield - 88    Armthorpe - 157 

Barnsley League Round 3 Sunday 9 July

posted 12 Jul 2017, 01:45 by Pete Hardy

We were at Stocksbridge again for round 3 of our division 2 galas. It was good to have Molly Grayson back in the team. I am not going to pick any individuals out because this was a really good TEAM performance. The atmosphere was good and everyone was supportive of each other. Many swimmers swam strokes they don't normally swim or swam up an age group and nobody complained they just got on and did the job which was very pleasing. The swimmers attitude along with their performance gave us a very creditable 2nd place just 3 points behind City of Sheffield. We have come 2nd in each of the galas this year which has put us into 1st position in the league. It is that consistency of swimming and the discipline of again getting no dq's that has made us the team to beat. We have the last gala in September so lets continue in this mode after the summer break.
Final result was:    City of Sheffield  139    Armthorpe    136    Chapletown     99        Scunthorpe    115
I believe the league position is;    Armthorpe            412
                                                            Scunthorpe            396
                                                            City of Sheffield    348
                                                            Chapletown            317
Its tight but lets go for it!    

Bridlington and a day at the seaside

posted 12 Jul 2017, 01:16 by Pete Hardy   [ updated 12 Jul 2017, 02:55 ]

A bus load of swimmers and parents plus many who went by car met at Bridlington Leisure Centre for their first Open Meet in their new 6 lane pool complete with electronic timing. This was a level 3 licensed meet so a serious meet to attend. Our swimmers performed very well and the club came 3rd after Bridlington and Scarborough who for obvious reasons had bigger teams at the meet. For many of our younger swimmers this was their first taste of the big competitive environment. Many medals were won by our swimmers with some coming away with top swimmer status so well done to all. Results can be accessed by www.openmeets.co.uk
If you are having any problems seeing the final results please have a word with Maureen.  There was a photographer ( Sarah Preest) at the Meet so if you want to see if there is a photo of you please send an email to me and I will forward the access details to you.   If you think its something we should do again next year please have a word with either Maureen, Clive or myself.


posted 8 Jul 2017, 02:06 by Pete Hardy

The Club will close for the Summer Break for the following dates:
The last day of training/lessons will be Friday 4 August 2017 and the first session back will be Sunday 20 August 2017.
There will be no competitive training or Friday lessons during this two week closure.
Wishing you all a happy break.


posted 26 Jun 2017, 06:00 by Pete Hardy

Round 3 was held at the impressive new pool at Wakefield. Why Doncaster cannot get its act together and provide a modern facility is a bit beyond me!!!.
As usual there was a lot of very good swimming on show from all clubs. The Armthorpe squad have impressed me this year with their disciplined swimming. Still no DQ's and lots of pb's. Ignoring the final result we have shown a gradual improvement to our points score over each round. Round 1 - 160  Round 2 - 162 and Round 3 - 165  so a big well done to the whole team. The team spirit is good and I saw a good example when some of the older boys went out of their way to make Dominic Mis feel part of it all which is important for somebody new to this country and our club. I say thank you to you boys and you know who you are. Next an apology from me to Lois, Eleanor and Madison because I had a watch malfunction and couldn't get their split times for the 50 Freestyle Relay. Sorry girls.  There were lots of great swims but I have picked out three that stood out for me. 
1.    Dominic Mis in 100 free 1.06.72 and 50 free 29.84 always good to get under the 30 second barrier
2.    Georgia Wright in her 100 breastroke (not her favourite stroke) a big battle withWakefield but she won in an impressive 1.19.96
3.    Ajay Scott and an equally impressive 100 fly swim of 1.03.77 and a 27.31 in the 50 free team
In the end the points were:
Armthorpe    165    Adwick    140    Wakefield    108    Edlington     58
So we are currently in pole position in League 1 having won 2 galas so lets go and win the division in July at Edlington
Gala times are attached  

BML Round 2

posted 18 Jun 2017, 03:23 by Pete Hardy

On a very hot afternoon we set off for Stocksbridge. The racing turned out to be as hot as the weather with lots of great performances and team swims. Some swimmers swam more races than normal but looking at the times you wouldn't have known it so thanks to Casey, Nick (7 swims) and Andrew, Leah and Dzulija (6 swims). There were a lot of tight finishes and on the whole we won our share of them but it does go to show how important starts, turns and finishes are at this level. Swim of the day for me has to be Dominic Mis and 50 Frontcrawl in a time of 30.31 which was more than a 2 second pb. In the team swims we had a lot of good finishes and fast 4th legs culminating with Joseph Greenhalgh 12.94 in the cannon. 
In the BML the league points are the total number of points gained over all the rounds and after yesterday we are in 2nd place 5 points behind Scunthorpe.
Round 2 Result - Chapletown - 100    Sheffield - 144    Scunthorpe - 111    Armthorpe - 136
2nd place was a great result for Armthorpe so well done to ALL swimmers.

Changes to training times

posted 14 Jun 2017, 03:34 by Pete Hardy

Please see attached for changes to training times due to league galas and Open Meets.

Friday Night Level 5 Meet

posted 21 May 2017, 08:51 by Clive Greenhalgh

The club and its volunteers decamped to Rossington Leisure Centre on Friday 19th May to put our Friday night Sharks through their paces against their counterparts at Rossington.  This was an individual gala where medals were up for grabs in the following age groups:

7s, 8s, 9s, 10s, 11s, 12s, 13s, 14s, 15s and 16+

We had aimed to do all four strokes but due to technical difficulties we only managed to complete 25m races in Fresstyle, Breaststroke and Butterfly.

In total there were 72 swimmers from the two clubs and by the comments on Facebook there was a lot of very happy boys, girls, mums, dads, carers and grand-parents.  The gala was aimed to be friendly but with the aim for each swimmer to test themselves against swimmers of the same age and the consensus was that this was achieved.

We'd like to congratulate all the swimmers that took part and thank all the volunteers for their time and effort.

We will be sending round a questionnaire to find out what everyone thought of the event with the idea to run a similar event around Christmas - this time with a backstroke and possibly an Individual Medley!

Pocklington Round 2 at Adwick

posted 15 May 2017, 09:17 by Pete Hardy   [ updated 15 May 2017, 10:10 ]

On Saturday Round 2 was held and like round 1 was a very close affair between Adwick and Armthorpe this time Adwick came out as winners by 1 point although we actually finished 2 points better than round 1 which we won. Armthorpe performed extremely well on the day loads of good swims and not one disqualification which is always good to see. It was great to see Georgia Wright again who had just got off the plane from America to swim for us. We were missing one or two swimmers so some had to swim strokes they wouldn't normally do so a big thank you to them. You know who you are!! The 11 year old girls team, 11 year old boys and 13 year old girls swam with only 1 genuine age group swimmer. However they swam magnificently  contributing  a huge 56 out of a possible 72 points - well done to all.  As usual our older swimmers performed exceptionally well and were the backbone of the team. 13 year old Dominik Mis who had not swum a 100 Front Crawl competitively before was a little apprehensive but he won his race with a time of 1.07.99 a super swim. A big well done also to Dzulija Karnevska who won both her individual races for the 11 year olds even though she was swimming up a year. It was also good to welcome Adam Akram to his first Pocklington gala who came 1st for 100 Front Crawl in an impressive time for a 15 year old of  57.42. There were plenty of other very good swims so a BIG well done to everyone who swam. Final scores are below and individual times are attached with PB's to follow.

Adwick 163     Armthorpe 162    Wakefield 87    Edlington 58 

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