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Armthorpe through to Doncaster Cup Final

posted 1 Jul 2019, 04:06 by Pete Hardy

At yesterdays semi final our opposition was Dearne Valley who brought a good team. There were many tight races and lots of really good swims which will mean lots of pb's so well done to everyone. The Doncaster Cup is a squad event and I was particularly pleased with the performance of our less experienced swimmers.  The swim of the day for me was Eleanor Lakins 50 free to just win the 50 medley relay in a brilliant time of 30.81 which was a huge pb. We will have to wait and see who we swim in the final but it will be either Edlimgton or Scunthorpe. My thanks to everyone who helped set up and run the gala and even allowing for the faulty lane rope I thought it went of well.
The final score was Dearne Valley - 42  Armthorpe - 66
Individual times and splits are shown below

Barnsley League Round 3 at Chapletown

posted 6 May 2019, 09:08 by Pete Hardy

Saturday 27 April Armthorpe went to Chapletown for this round of the BML. This new pool unfortunately had poor spectator space and because of the depth of the water in the shallow end of the pool all swimmers had to start in the water from that end of the pool. This means that if you are looking at the attached times do not be disheartened if you were 2nd or 4th swimmers in the relays or were a boy in the cannon because all these swimmers had to start in the water therefore meaning PB's were out of the question. This was a much closer gala than the previous ones because Adwick brought a much stronger team. We had no dq's and Adwick had one so again a disciplined approach to the relays so well done to everyone. It was nice to see Vlad and Thomas winning races in the 10 year old races and once Helena has checked all the times out I am sure there will be many pb's. A very solid performance from everyone so well done.
Result was:
Chapletown  -87     Armthorpe  - 155     Adwick  -  150     Wakefield  -  93
The final gala will be at Wakefield on Sunday 7 July.  This will be a tough one because we already have several key swimmers who are not available. We have built up a decent points lead so it will be a case of hanging in there and doing our best. We can be League 2 champions so lets go for it.

Armthorpe and Rosington Trophy Gala

posted 2 May 2019, 04:21 by Pete Hardy

This annual event took place on Sunday 28 April at Armthorpe. I tried to give as many swimmers as possible the chance to compete and I was very pleased with how they performed. It was a first relay gala for a number of our younger swimmers and gave me the opportunity to see what they could do sometimes on strokes they would not normally do. Our competition came from Edlington whose team is steadily getting stronger, Rossington and South Axholme. There will be many PB's out of this gala so have a good look and see how you did. My apologies to Meagan and Lizzy as I missed getting their times in event 16.
The result of the gala was:  Rossington  65    Armthorpe  134   Edlington  72  South Axholme  57
A good gala so well done to all swimmers

Barnsley League Round 3 at Chapletown

posted 2 May 2019, 04:09 by Pete Hardy

Another good performance and another win but it was a lot closer this time as Adwick did field a much stronger team and Armthorpe finished with a   winning margin of just 5 points. Although we a currently leading our division we know that the final leg will be very difficult as we will have many swimmers unavailable. With regard to this gala again we managed to have no DQ's so well done everyone. We have not yet received the results from Chapletown but as we have the split times I have attached them below. 

Barnsley League Round 2 Another good win for Armthorpe

posted 1 Apr 2019, 04:57 by Pete Hardy

Sunday 31 March and Round 2 of the Barnsley League in a hot and very noisy Armthorpe Leisure Centre. The atmosphere was electric all afternoon but reached fever pitch when in the last race (a cannon with double points at stake) Armthorpe were just pipped at the post by Wakefield. As for the overall result Armthorpe again ran out as winners by 28 points from Adwick.  Again there were many brilliant swims and close finishes. Armthorpes finishing has improved this year and it is paying dividends as we snatch the extra point by finishing strongly. No DQ's in this gala for us so a big well done to all swimmers for showing good control. Overall there were 11 disqualifications and it does make a huge difference to the final score. My swimmers of the day were Nick Honeybone who came to the gala directly from training at DARTES and then did 11 swims without one word of complaint so thank you Nick. Also the hugely impressive performance from Millie Colbear who showed us grace, power and points it was a pleasure to watch. The 10 year olds competed well, got themselves some pb's and points for the team. The "old man" of the team Richard Ellis declared himself a bit old for 50 Fly but still did a 30.54 and  Joseph Greenhalgh continued to defy the odds by recording a very impressive 26.71 for 50 Free.  
Our guest Referee who is a national referee had a word with me at the end and complimented the club for its good organisation and running of the gala. That was very pleasing and anyone who had anything to do with setting up or running of the gala should take pride in knowing that their efforts were noted and appreciated so BIG well done to all.
The times are attached and the final result was:
Chapletown  93     Armthorpe  160     Adwick  132    Wakefield  92

Round 3 is at Chapletown on Saturday 27 April warm up 2.30

Doncaster Cup - Armthorpe safely through to next round

posted 25 Mar 2019, 03:48 by Pete Hardy

A very good and solid performance by our swimmers yesterday against Askern Spa. All the times are on the attachment and there will be a lot of PB's and NO DQ's which is very good. A special mention to parents who agreed to officiate yesterday as many of them were doing jobs for the first time. The gala ran very well under the guidance of our 3 senior officials, Rob, Clive and Ian so a big thank you  to all. A very successful afternoon all round.
Final result was :  Armthorpe  67   Askern Spa  41

Barnsley League Round 1 at Adwick 16 March 2019

posted 17 Mar 2019, 04:44 by Pete Hardy   [ updated 17 Mar 2019, 04:51 ]

At the first gala of the BML you are never sure what strength the other teams are going to field but I am pleased to say Armthorpe got it right with a winning performance at Adwick last night. Big well done to all swimmers young and not so young - lots of PB's and really close finishes to thrill the spectators. Many of our 10 year olds were competing for the first time and managed to hold their nerve and swim some good times. Our youngest swim Lauren Wood had us all on the edge of our seats in the 10 year girls relay as she was the last swimmer going in with a lead and the Adwick swimmer catching her up with Lauren just getting the touch to win the race. A special mention to our pocket sized cheerleader Grace Burton who came on poolside even though she wasn't swimming to support the team. A big feature last year was the team spirit on poolside and I was very pleased to see it was still there. On the negative side we had too many DQ's so we must cut them out for future galas. Overall, a winning margin of 30 represents a good result. Swimmers times are in the attached file and on the notice board at Armthorpe. Keep an eye out for the next BML team sheet which will be swum at Armthorpe on Sunday 31 March

Result:  Wakefield  107      Adwick  119      Armthorpe  149      Chapletown  104


posted 4 Mar 2019, 04:59 by Pete Hardy   [ updated 6 Mar 2019, 09:34 ]

A very good day at Adwick for all those swimmers who entered the Dartes March Sprints. An incredible number of pbs. For some swimmers it was their first major event and after they got over their nerves all performed very well with some excellent times. Many thanks to our Team Managers who made sure everyone was ok. For our new competitive swimmers you can see the full results on www.openmeets.co.uk  just click on the DARTES March Sprints banner and then results.
ps Armthorpe times/pbs shown on file below

Speed 2 - bungee training

posted 16 Feb 2019, 04:27 by Clive Greenhalgh   [ updated 24 Feb 2019, 04:54 ]

Variety is ........
 the spice of life they say - well ask our senior swimmers; we have been working on their speed, stamina and technique over the past month and have employed a number of different methods to keep them engaged as well as hitting all the targets that have been set by the coaches.

On Saturday 9th February we got out the bungee cords which allow swimmers to work against the resistance and challenge themselves to reach the end of the pool.

It is an activity that the swimmers really enjoy and they always step up to the challenge - grabbing the end of the pool after 30 seconds of hard swimming is such an achievement.

Friday Night - 20 minute challenge - 08/02/2019

posted 16 Feb 2019, 04:18 by Clive Greenhalgh   [ updated 16 Feb 2019, 04:19 ]

We continue to test our friday night swimmers and it is so fulfilling to hear them all ask when we are next doing the 20 minute challenge.

We started this activity over a year ago and its inclusion has added an extra dimension to the friday sessions as we allow the swimmers to put their stamina under the microscope alongside the technique we teach them every week.

On this occasion the following swimmers made the biggest improvement:

Jessica in the first session
Liam in the second session

Well done you two and congratulations to everyone who took part.

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